We want to understand your vision.

We will help you explore the commerical potential of your research beyond academia. Perhaps your research is based on a new peptide that may lead to a life-saving drug, or is a revolutionary new iOS/andriod application that saves users time or entertains, maybe even a new source of green energy or storage. We’ll help you consider the possibilities and answer your questions about what’s involved in starting a business based on your vision or research.

Our experienced staff will take you through every stage of the process. We can discuss the many strategies available to help get your technology to the market, the advantages of licensing your discovery to another company, or the incredible opportunities involved in starting a company on your own.

In addition to discussing the many options, we’ll also determine your funding needs and how pre-seed and seed funding can benefit your research through a relationship with the technology transfer office at Indiana University’s Research and Technology Corporation.

Pre-seed investments are funds dedicated to technologies that are on a defined development path or that seek to answer a very specific commercial question. With pre-seed funding the business can focus on technology validation, prototype development, and management team recruitment. Typically even pre-seed opportunities address large growing markets or are disruptive new opportunities with high growth potential.

Seed investments support product finalization, customer acquisition, and activities for scaling up your start-up business. At the seed funding stage, businesses have usually defined and are executing their go-to market startegy, found a paying customer, and/or filled out some piece of the management team that is actively working on the development of a promising technology.

The Innovate Indiana Fund gives you the opportunity to consider how your vision might change lives and strengthen Indiana’s economy. Have questions? Contact us today to start a conversation.