We want to understand your vision.

Perhaps you are working on the next great marketing automation software. Or you know how to make 3D printing faster and more affordable. Whether your company is SAAS-based, pharmaceutical, or anywhere in between, we'll help you consider the possibilities and avenues for growth based on your vision.

Our experienced staff will help you navigate through the potential landmines of running an early stage company and discuss the many strategies available to help get your product to market. We'll also help determine the funding needs for the company. Our team has deep experience working with startups in a number of areas, so let our experience be put to work for you. 

The Innovate Indiana Fund looks for companies with a passionate and dedicated management team with a product that has the potential to disrupt the field. We believe great teams are the cornerstone of success for any company, particularly during the early stages. That's why we invest in series seed and Series A stage companies:

Seed investments support product finalization, customer acquisition, and activities for scaling up your start-up business. At the seed funding stage, businesses have usually defined and are executing their go-to market strategy, found a paying customer, and/or filled out some piece of the management team that is actively working on the development of a promising technology.

Series A investments  support the first "growth ramp" of the company. The product is near finalization or has proved its concept in the marketplace, there are a few paying customers, and the team is ready for strong initial growth in their field. 

If you believe your company fits this criteria, let's talk. Not quite there yet? We'd love to meet you anyway to see if there will be a future partnership.

What we are not: the IIF is not a grant-making agency, nor a scholarship entity. Our goal is to fund early stage companies with high potential, similar to a traditional venture capital firm. 

The Innovate Indiana Fund gives you the opportunity to consider how your vision might change lives and strengthen Indiana’s economy. Have questions? Contact us today to start a conversation.