• Aarden Pharmaceuticals

    Aarden Pharmaceuticals

    Aarden Pharmaceuticals is a small molecule drug discovery and development company. The company’s novel technology is a chemistry breakthrough that will enable it to make drugs against a previously un-druggable set of intracellular phosphatase (PTP) disease targets. The technology was developed in the laboratory of Dr. Zhong-Yin Zhang, Robert A. Harris Professor and chairman of biochemistry and molecular biology at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Zhang is an internationally recognized expert in the field of protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs). Aarden’s first programs are focused on infectious disease, cancer, and metabolic and autoimmune conditions. 


  • amSTATZ


    amSTATZ is a social-software platform designed to better connect fitness professionals and events with their athletes, including a suite of business tools that make the fitness professional's life a whole lot easier.


  • ApeX Therapeutics

    ApeX Therapeutics

    ApeX Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of novel pharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer and age-related macular degeneration. The company’s scientific founder, Professor Mark R. Kelley, and the team at his laboratory at the Indiana University School of Medicine identified rationale for targeting the APE1/Ref-1 redox signaling and DNA repair protein for the development of drugs to treat cancer. 


  • Cause.it


    Cause.it is web and mobile data platform that enables nonprofits and educational institutions to connect to volunteers and businesses natively over a free-to-user mobile application.  Users are able to find new volunteer and social good opportunities in their local communities and participate in helping nonprofits that they care about.  Users are then able to redeem points they earn through social activism with big brands for awesome gifts and rewards.  Meanwhile nonprofits learn about new volunteers and donors in their area and enable them to help promote their Causes.


  • Charlie


    Charlie is a tool that compiles one-pagers on the people you’re about to meet with, before you see them. Minutes before every meeting in your calendar, Charlie makes sure you walk in with the intel you need to make a killer impression: breaking news on their company, the passions and hobbies you both had no clue you shared, their professional history, and much more.

    The world’s most successful people all have assistants who do their prep work for them, so why shouldn’t we? Charlie mimics those assistants by emailing you critical intel before you walk into any meeting, helping you crush your meetings while saving you hours each week.


  • Courseload


    Courseload is a new digital platform that delivers course materials through web-enabled devices. This product delivers the same course material as traditional textbooks at about one third of the cost, thus reducing costs for students. Courseload was designed and piloted at IU, and IU has signed a deal with Courseload to make this option available to all IU students. Many other educational institutions are making Courseload available to students as well.


  • Diagnotes


    Diagnotes allows providers and patients to connect with on-call providers while simultaneously delivering key patient information from the EMR to the point of care. From the initial inbound call or secure text message through documentation of the completed encounter and support for follow-up actions, Diagnotes seamlessly delivers a fully integrated, closed-loop solution that readily integrates into current clinical practices.


  • DRIFT Eyewear

    DRIFT Eyewear

    DRIFT Eyewear is designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA. By applying a unique mix of craftsmanship, fashion, and American ingenuity, DRIFT is able to use timeless materials and high quality components to create classic styling with eco-friendly sourcing and production. DRIFT features a proprietary manufacturing process that reduces labor costs, while accelerating speed to market. At this time DRIFT is the only US manufacturer of eyewear using wood, acetate, and metal.


  • Fathom Voice

    Fathom Voice

    Fathom Voice is a software-as-a-service company that helps businesses better communicate with clients and employees, and more fully understand prospective customers. With our online voice portal, Go.FathomVoice; applications like SMS and Receptionist; and detailed, real-time Analytics on calls; our voice solutions make the phone relevant again.


  • Haven


    Haven is a free, intuitive mobile app and website that equips homeowners with predictive technology helping them be better homeowners through enlightenment and empowerment. Haven is the homeowners manual that should have come with a house as it keeps you organized, teaches you what to do, and helps you maximize the value of your largest asset. And, when help is needed, Haven is there with handpicked, personally vetted home service experts. 


  • MatterFab


    MatterFab is developing a metal 3D printer that provides the same quality output as today’s million dollar printers at an order of magnitude lower cost. Every industry can now take advantage of metal 3D printing and redefine what it means to be competitive in their market. Metal 3D printing can deliver injection molds that double productivity for no additional cost, create custom medical implants, and save airlines billions in fuel costs every year through weight saving designs that can only be made with 3D printers.


  • Pairade


    Bring together your favorite apps, services, and content into one place. At Pairade, we look at apps as a media channel, and the way we consume and think about apps will change in the near future- from downloading to streaming. Thus, we are creating a central hub for these apps, services, and content- a single app platform that allows you to access all your favorite stuff, instantly. All of which lives inside a Card. 

    For the first time, we’re bringing Cards to influencers, content creators, and users - everyone can curate and share. Cards are better than apps because they combine the best parts of apps (native features), websites (ease of access), and social


  • PrecisionHawk


    Precision Hawk is a civil, unmanned aerial systems and remote sensing company founded in 2010 in Toronto, Canada under the name WineHawk Labs. The company’s focus is on gathering the most precise and complete data to provide usable and easy to understand information to increase productivity and efficiency. The team is comprised of professionals in the United States and Canada with backgrounds in remote sensing, unmanned aircraft operations, software development, data processing and GIS systems development.