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Your research has value beyond academia.

The Innovate Indiana Fund offers seed funding to turn your research and vision into a business. We’ll explore the potential opportunities and benefits with you.

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Our Perspective

Industries old and new will be impacted by MatterFab’s technology, as markets realize their new potential with additive manufacturing.

See for yourself: IU-funded MatterFab gains $5.75 million in seed funds toward developing affordable metal 3-D printer

There’s a level of expertise required to properly maintain the investment in your home. The seamless Home Manager service from Haven makes that expertise accessible and easier to use.

See for yourself: IU-funded Haven releases home maintenance app on Apple's iTunes

We’re proud to have helped lead the biggest venture capital deal of its kind in the state of Indiana.

See for yourself: IU assumes leadership role in supporting startups through venture capital deals

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IU Research and Technology Corporation

Even if you have little to no business experience, you can make significant contributions to the future of Indiana’s economy by partnering with IURTC. IURTC technology managers have extensive experience in guiding faculty through the commercialization process.

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American innovation has always been sparked by individual scientists and entrepreneurs, often at universities. -President Barack Obama